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     A Room with a View Mojave Bound Passion in Awe
Movement and Escape. Skies of wonder floating awaiting bright horizons sun-kissed waters Contrast and reflections. Promise of a new.
Glow brightly. twisted Ebb and tide. Spring of pink. Tropical joy Bells are ringing. Pink and proud. Pink with pleasure.
Bright yellow in the desert. Between Man and Nature. Purple flowers of the Golden Gate. Moss of Altadena. For the love of Peonies. The Moss of Runyon. Up Close and at a Distance. The rivers of Tennesee.
Do everything with passion. Willows for warmth. Flowing with the Marriposa. Hoh Rainforest - A truly Magical Place. Hoh Rainforest - A truly Magical Place A rocky Washington Coast A fallen Joshua tree. So peaceful, the desert.
If these rocks could tell their stories. Up close Color and texture. Circular Proud as a Peacock Magestic Everything goes back to. A Night Heron addicted to carbs.
Thats just squirrely The magical beauty of Yosemite. Little Bird addicted to carbs. Playful wild burros in Nevada. A flirtacious burro. This burro loved the click of the camera. Wild burros pose for the camera. Sunrise over a Washington coast. Like fireworks against the sky.
Stand tall and proud. Where light and sky meet. Show us your palm. Citrus and Snow.